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    “Sharon Pollock is Canada’s best known woman playwright … She does not write plays about romance or sexual escapades or happy domestic circumstances; constitutionally she is drawn to issues and ideas …Produced nationally and internationally, author of a long and varied canon, she has had a long and illustrious career in the theatre.  From backstage to onstage, from front of house to director’s chair, from actor to author, from teacher to mentor to artistic director of venues both large and small, Sharon Pollock remains an active, controversial and prolific participant in the Canadian theatre scene.”

Cynthia Zimmerman, editor “Sharon Pollock Collected Works”

Playwrights Canada Press. 2005.

    “I’m engaged in an internal and eternal questioning of what is, what isn’t and why in the increasingly complex world around me and within me. I know it’s impossible too find out what is, what isn’t and why but that in no way diminishes or my desire or need to continue the search which is not confined to my life in the theatre.”

    “It might be a line, it might be a moment, it might be a gesture, a visual or a scene, but I want the audience to have something that stays with them.  I want them to be stimulated emotionally and intellectually.  When they leave I don’t want them to talk about the costumes or the lighting or any of those aspects. I want them to talk about what happened in the play, the conflicts, the choices characters made, the ideas embedded in the play.  I want them to have been engaged and entertained of course, but essentially I want them to leave with more than they had when they entered the theatre.  I suspect I want them to argue.”